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Composer biographies

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by pianolady, Aug 23, 2009.

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    Piano Society has many visitors and I hate for people to visit the main site and see our incomplete pages; there are still many composer pages with an empty biography. So this is a call to all full members and also regular forum members asking if any of you could please help out by writing a bio. Our site will be better for it, and you can feel proud to have helped in making it that way.

    Here is a list of composers who need a biography:

    - Janacek
    - Lutoslawski
    - Martinu
    - Mayerl
    - Nepomeceno
    - Ponce
    - Oswald
    - Respighi
    - Saint-Saens
    - Tveitt
    - Ralph Vaughn Williams
    - Peter Warlock

    If you are interested, just say which one you will do, and we'll take it off the list.

    Thank you :)

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