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Complete set of Bach's 3-part Inventions by Szames, G.

Discussion in 'Submission Room' started by robert, Apr 19, 2007.

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    Below is a the complete set of Bach's 3-part Inventions by Gregorio Szames who also have the complete set of the French Suites (yes all of them!) up on the site.

    The set is, according to my opinion, extremely well prepared, executed and recorded. It is a re-recording, proving how careful Szames is, and you might have noticed that his set were already up on the site. The re-recording is a wonderful interpretation (can't say his previous recordings were not!) of absolutely top class and I recommend you all to take your time and listen to all of them as a set and enjoy the musical experience they bring!

    Bach - 3-part, Inventions. The Sinfonias by Gregorio Szames

    Bach - BWV 787, 3-part Invention in C major
    Bach - BWV 788, 3-part Invention in C minor
    Bach - BWV 789, 3-part Invention in D major
    Bach - BWV 790, 3-part Invention in D minor
    Bach - BWV 791, 3-part Invention in E-flat major
    Bach - BWV 792, 3-part Invention in E major
    Bach - BWV 793, 3-part Invention in E minor
    Bach - BWV 794, 3-part Invention in F major
    Bach - BWV 795, 3-part Invention in F minor
    Bach - BWV 796, 3-part Invention in G major
    Bach - BWV 797, 3-part Invention in G minor
    Bach - BWV 798, 3-part Invention in A major
    Bach - BWV 799, 3-part Invention in A minor
    Bach - BWV 800, 3-part Invention in B-flat major
    Bach - BWV 801, 3-part Invention in B minor

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