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Brahms Rhapsody in G minor Op. 79 No. 2

Discussion in 'Submission Room' started by noambenhamou, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. noambenhamou

    noambenhamou New Member

    Dec 25, 2013
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    West Coast, USA
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    Hi. Sorry I don't reply to other audition posts. I keep looking so I can contribute, but can't find a piece that I'm familiar with so my comments are worthy of typing. I find it impossible to critique or comment on a composition that I don't know...

    Here is my interpretation of the Rhapsodie No2 by Brahms.

    I'm not thrilled with it, I think if I actually practiced it more, I could do more with it, but I've heard worse recordings so what the heck....

    Thanks for watching, and if something about my playing bugs you - do tell!
  2. stevenarmstrong

    stevenarmstrong New Member Piano Society Artist

    Jan 30, 2014
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    Hi again Noam

    I think this is a much stronger performance than the Fantasie-Impromptu - much more personal. You play with great rhythmical clarity and drive in those march-like passages about 8 bars in. Very nice contrast. Approaching them however, at the pause, the accompaniment (middle voices outlining the B major harmony) I feel they get in the way of the melody, especially the last B and D sharp that are really exposed. In the mach-like passage there, I'd go for more shape in the left hand in the ascending octaves - each pair as well as the whole phrase all the way to the big D major chord. Beautiful change of colour in the next section by the way!

    When you repeat this section, remember, make repeats a little different, well I think we should :p Suggestion to play with: first time fairly straight forward (just deliver the music)- second time more freedom and expressive - exaggerate cadences, whatever, but something!; and vice-versa. Just an idea.

    Beautiful big storm created over the next part. Very nice. Every time you crank up a new crotchet-crotchet-crotchet (D-D-D) in the right hand part I think you need to keep the tempo edging forward. It feels to me like it sits back too comfortably. The storm is brooding with your dynamics but the tempo doesn't match it if you know what I mean. This I mean to apply once it moves up one octave. The first appearance in the lowest octave I thought you did beautifully but then don't keeping play them the same way.

    The passage leading up to the final key change back to G minior and the subsequent few bars I thought was just stunning! So nicely done!


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