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Brahms and Schumann retreads

Discussion in 'Submission Room' started by John Robson, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. John Robson

    John Robson New Member Piano Society Artist

    Jan 18, 2007
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    Miami, Florida, USA
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    Hopefully I'm not breaking any rules or deserving of a reprimand for posting these two previously posted pieces, but I felt the need to do it.

    Schumann, Novelette No. 4: There was some terrible clipping and the recording input level was overall just too loud when I originally posted this.

    Olaf said:That's playing with great spirit and dynamics - I think you captured the mood of the piece (my score has the german title "Ballmaessig, sehr munter") very well.The recording itself is overdriven, maybe that's the reason that it sounds very sharp, from forte to ffff, with no mellow soft tones."

    It is up on the site like that. I re-recorded it for myself and hopefully it sounds better. Take a listen if you please.

    Brahms, Intermezzo: I also re-recording this one for myself following the suggestions of PS members. "Pianolady"helped me a lot with her suggestions since she had recently performed this Intermezzo. I corrected the tempo on the slow chordal section and tried to follow some of the other dynamics more carefully. Also this post doesn't "hiss" as much as the one on the site. Is it any better?

    Brahms - Op.118 no.2, Intermezzo
    Schumann - Op.21, Novelletten, IV. Ballmässig. Sehr munter.
  2. pianolady

    pianolady Monica Hart, Administrator Staff Member Piano Society Artist

    Jun 14, 2006
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    John, great playing on both pieces. Since I don't really know the Schumann piece, all I can say is that I heard very good dynamics and the spirit is definitely still there!
    Brahms - I think your tempo is just right, here. You play this with much passion and you told a nice story with the piece. The only 'little' thing, and this is just another one of my dumb, old opinions, but I would like a little more ritard. at the very end. That's all, though, great job!

    But...I hate to say this...the quality of the recording was worse than before. There's a lot of 'swimmy' effect going on. I could hardly hear some of the top notes in the pp part because of it. When you get your new 'setup' you should record this again.
  3. robert

    robert Active Member Piano Society Artist

    Jun 7, 2006
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    Of course, you do not deserve any reprimands for re-recordings. I think what we have discussed a couple of times earlier is that we do not wish to have several versions of a piece uploaded at the same time or within a short time period.

    I replaced the previous recordings with these new ones as I believe they sound musically a lot better. For instance, I think you did choose a better tempo on the Brahms Intermezzo. The sound quality is better in some aspects as it does not clip that often. Good job!
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest


    Dear Members,

    Okay. I know this topic is old so I apologize for bringing it back up. But I'm so glad
    to have found someone who has played this piece (and quite successfully I must say)
    because I am currently teaching the piece to a student and I am stumped on
    what fingerings I should use for the second section... or more specifically the
    section marked TRIO when he goes into the triplet accompaniment figure.

    Apparently there is a video of Horowitz playing this piece and he uses his LEFT
    THUMB on the upbeat of each one. So in other words he uses his pinky to play
    the bottom bass note than jumps the thumb up with the left hand... but his hand
    is so big...

    I can't seem to understand which is best. I know it can't be that hard yet
    it seems like I'm making it harder than it is. Can John or anybody please
    help me?


    Justin Nash

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