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André Tchaikowsky

Discussion in 'Pianists' started by AdrienneM, Dec 14, 2009.

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    Hi Everyone,

    A few days ago, I heard for the first time about pianist André Tchaikowsky (1935-1982). Someone sent me an article about his bequeathing his skull to the Royal Shakespeare Company (yes, for use in Hamlet productions). Quite a story. Has anyone else heard of this pianist? Did anyone here know him? His web site is chock full of recordings, photos, and a PDF of his biography. I searched this site to see if there was any mention of him, and since there wasn't, thought I might share my "discovery."

    Here are some links if you are interested:

    The main web site:

    The biography in PDF form:

    ....and the complete skull story:

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    Thanks for this, Adrienne. I thought for sure this man would be related to Tchaikovsky, but he's not. Still, an interesting story, I never heard of him before. And there are many mp3's of his recordings to listen to, which is great. I just heard some of the Mazurkas that are next on my "to do" list.

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