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A School Project

Discussion in 'General' started by Anonymous, Feb 19, 2007.

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    In my Free Enterprise class, I was given a person who I had to take a "photo" of. In other words, I have to explain how this person makes a living when afflicted by many different variables. So, here is my person:

    Age: 35 years
    Nationality: White
    Married: Yes
    Children: 2
    Education: No high school diploma (has a K-8th grade education)
    Gender: Male

    What my question is, is this: if my person was a pianist for a restaurant, a fancy restaurant at that, what do you think his payment would be? He also sells recordings of him playing numerous different composers such as Chopin, Gershwin, Mozart, Liszt and anyone else that you could possibly think of. From the sales, what do you think he could get paid? Oh, his spouse also sells CDs of her playing the violin.

    This all is a fantasy, per say, but nevertheless I have to do this and I want to make it as interesting as possible; and besides, my teacher adores classical music.
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    Obamanation, unfortunately...
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    Was this all the background information given to you?

    I don't know how much pianists get paid at lounges and other places. But I can give you a rough estimate that a "friend" of mine was paid $700 for three hours of nonstop playing for a business dinner. (That included tips)

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