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2 recordings - Ravel Alborada del Gracioso, and Rach 33/4

Discussion in 'Submission Room' started by Anonymous, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I have posted the Etude before, this time while I recorded it on a digital piano (as with the Ravel) I think its more polished than last time, although some of the notes don't sound in the left hand because of a sticky action. Fortunately I'm able to afford getting it fixed now and I will sort that out and rerecord it soon. I would still appreciate any feedback as your comments were very helpful last time, especially with regards to the left hand.

    As for the Ravel, it's very much a WIP and I have only played it for a month or so, I'd appreciate feedback on what to improve for a subsequent recording! The harsher the better :twisted: (there are some timing issues, mainly because while you cant hear it as it is a line-in recording, it was noisy and hard to concentrate in that enviroment)

  2. juufa72

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    Jul 13, 2006
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    pretty good I say. Your bass sounds better than mine, however the high treble notes are too metallic for my taste. But execution wise I did not pick out any noticible errors. (Because I am unfamiliar with Ravel and Rachmaninov---sorry you Rachmaninov fans :roll: )
  3. Anonymous

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    It's a yamaha clp-990 (something like that), I love the bass but as you say the treble is a bit odd.
  4. techneut

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    Jun 12, 2006
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    The Alborada sure is not bad, considering you only play it for a month. It's pretty rickety in places though, just some spots I noticed : the start of the ff on page 2, the fermata just before the "Plus lent" not observed, a missing appoggiatura note in the first bar of the Plus Lent, an extra chord in the first "1er Mouvement", markings like 'sans ralentir' not observed, the double-note glissandi rather rushed and unclear, etc. You may want to get the score and make sure you have all the notes, and none too many.
    It could be a bit more snappy rhythmically and there could be better dynamics. I am very impressed though by your repeating notes in the middle section (I all but gave up on this piece because of these...), and especially the last page is very good. Keep going !

    The Rach Etude seems more solid (if also a bit duller) than your previous version, if I remember well. Very good how you bring out the middle voice in the first pages. The huge rallentandi do the piece no good though, the music almost comes to a standstill. There seem to be some reading errors in the build-up to the climax (which itself sounds rather silly with these wimpy staccato notes).

    In both pieces there's things that need working on, but there are also very good moments in both. They're two difficult bastards, so well done. Your instrument sounds like a toy piano though.... not very pleasant. I hope if you give us a recording it will be on a real piano ?
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Yeah, I am still at home at the moment (holidays), but when I am at Uni I will be able to record on Steinway's (I intend to buy a mini-disc player and a new microphone before then) 8)

    And the Rach is quite a bit slower, I think because I was concentrating too much on the left hand and I need to practise it a little more. Definitely speed is one of my goals. Oh and the reading errors was actually a mistake, I played Ab instead of A naturals (I think I know where you mean) and an Ab major chord in the right hand instead of C minor. My memory was playing up obviously :lol:

    And the Alborada, well it's very sketchy as you say - fortunately, already since I made the recording I have seen improvement (especially in the middle section with left hand octaves and right hand rolled chords and turns..). I must say though, that the digital piano doesn't help. I think I can make the sound a lot better if I experimented with the recording levels a bit, it has an awful lot of distortion because its overloading my little mp3 player.

    The double note glissando is the most frustrating thing I have ever played though! Thanks for the critique, I will bear this in mind (and it looks like you didn't hold back so I have plenty to work on :) )

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