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1001pianos :

Discussion in 'Useful resources' started by Anonymous, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. Anonymous

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    1001pianos is a brand new free piano music community for all piano players and lovers. More than a simple blogging platform or social network, 1001pianos is a mp3 piano music database allowing to listen, upload and download piano music titles ... all this for FREE. Artists, Composers, Intreprets, find and play tons of Classical Piano Music ... Have fun on :
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    Jun 12, 2006
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    And who might you be then ?

    Not very good manners to anonymously join a forum with the apparent sole purpose to plug some other site. The very least you could do is introduce yourself.

    It bothers me that on your site no credits are given. All recordings sound suspiciously like midi anyway - listen to that ugly accent at 0:09 in the Chopin Op.25 no.7 which I believe no human Chopin performer would ever make.

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