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Les Soirées de Nazelles

Les Soirées de Nazelles

Les Soirées de Nazelles, written in 1930-36, is Poulenc's most important solo piano work. In the words of the composer:

The variations which form the center of this work were improvised at Nazelles during the course of long soirées in the country when the author played at 'Portraits' with friends grouped around the piano. We hope today that, presented between a Préambule and a Finale, they will evoke the memory of this game played in the setting of a Touraine salon, a window opening on to the night.


Complete recording by Pascale, T..

Poulenc - Les Soirées de Nazelles (1930-36)
à la mémoire de ma tante LIÉNARD, en souvenir de Nazelles
0 Préambule 3:33
1 Le comble de la distinction 1:16
2 Le coeur sur la main 2:41
3 La désinvolture et la discretion 1:23
4 La suite dans les idées 1:59
5 Le charme enjôleur 2:24
6 Le contentement de soi 1:10
7 Le goût du malheur 3:14
8 L'alerte vieillesse 1:17
9 Cadence 1:38
10 Final 3:39
Jan 11, 2016
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