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Piano Sonatas

Robert Schumann composed three Piano Sonatas as below:

- Op.11 in F-sharp minor
- Op.22 in G minor
- Op.14 in F minor

The reason they are not in Opus order is that Op.22 was composed over a 3 years period but was started before Op.14. While Op.11 and Op.22 are famous Schumann works, the F minor is rather infamous. The reason is probably that it is a difficult piece to interpret well enough the keep the listener's attention all the way through.


Complete recording (2014) byFrancois de Larrard

Schumann - Op.22 - Sonata No. 2 in G minor (1835-38)
Frau Henriette Voigt geb. Kunze zugeeignet
1 Allegro molto 7:36
2 Andantino 4:15
3 Scherzo 1:46
4 Rondo - Presto 7:05


Complete recording (2009) bySarara Momokawa

Schumann - Troisième Grande Sonate Op.14  (1835/36)
(Concert sans Orchestre)
Dédiée à Monsieur Ignace Moscheles
1 Allegro brillante 07:29
2 Scherzo (molto commodo) 05:38
3 Quasi variazioni 06:20
4 Prestissimo possibile 08:18

Op.14 - Piano Sonata in F minor

III. Quasi variazioni. Andantino de Clara Wieck 8:22 Bisotti, S.

Op.22 - Piano Sonata in G minor

II. Andantino 5:33 Hart, M.
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