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Peterson-Berger, Olof Wilhelm (1867 - 1942)


Olof Wilhelm Peterson-Berger (born 27 February 1867 in Ullånger, Ångermanland, Sweden, died 3 December 1942 in Östersund, Sweden) was a Swedish composer.
Peterson-Berger is best known for three albums of national romantic piano pieces entitled Frösöblomster I, II and III (Frösö Flowers), which includes the often performed Vid Frösö kyrka (At Frösö Church) and Sommarsång (Summer Song). His main musical influences were Grieg and Wagner. His other works included the symphonies Sunnanfärd and Same-Ätnam, as well as the operas Ran, Arnljot, Domedagsprofeterna and Adils och Elisiv. Arnljotis still performed as a musical drama at Arnljotlägden, close to Peterson-Berger's former home, Sommarhagen at Frösön in Jämtland. He also wrote about eighty songs, many of which are based upon Erik Axel Karlfeldt poems (for example Aspåkerspolska).
As well as being a composer, Peterson-Berger was also a respected music critic for the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter.



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