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Minuet in G Major, KV 1 2:02 Rutten, P.
Minuet in F Major, KV 2 0:51 Rutten, P.
Allegro in B flat Major, KV 3 0:43 Rutten, P.
Minuet in F Major, KV 5 0:57 Rutten, P.
Minuet in C Major, KV 6 0:57 Rutten, P.
Minuet No. 1 in G Major, K315g 1:55 Rebecq, H.
Minuet No. 8 in G Major, K315g 1:26 Rebecq, H.
Minuet in D Major, KV 355/576b 4:00 Breemer, C.
Rondo in A major, KV 386 (w. David Schmied) 9:27 Richarl Pohl
Rondo in A Minor, KV 511 10:24 Breemer, C.
Adagio in B Minor, KV 540 10:10 Breemer, C.
Gigue in G Major, KV 574 1:24 Bertoglio, C.
Gigue in G Major, KV 574 1:49 Breemer, C.

Kegelstatt Trio, K.498


The nickname derives from the story that Mozart wrote this work while partaking in a game of skittles. 'Kegelstatt' = Skittle Alley. The score is dated August 5, 1786 but the legend is unproven and doubtful since the work is extremely dense and cerebral.

3rd movement Rondo: Allegretto 7:12 Stehlik, B.
Jan 8, 2016
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