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Musica Callada

Musica Callada

Musica Callada is a set of 28 short pieces composed between the years 1959 and 1967  that create an atmosphere of stillness and inwardness.  Writing about his own work Mompou said, "this music has no air or light. It is a weak heart beat, you cannot ask it to reach more than a few inches into space, but it's mission is to reach the profound depths of our soul and the secret regions of our spirit's spirit. This music is quiet (callada) because one listens to it within. Contained and reserved. It's emotion is secret and only becomes sound from resonance under the cold cape of our society. It is my desire that this music, should bring us closer to the warmth of life, and the expression of the human heart, that is always the same and constantly changing." 

Complete recording by Monica Hart

Recorded in January 2013

Book I
  Book 1 Complete 18:41
I Angelico 1:31
II Lent 1:40
III Placide 1:56
IV Afflitto e penoso 2:53
V Number 5 (no name) 1:55
VI Lento 2:22
VII Lento 2:54
VIII Semplice 0:54
IX Lento 2:53
Book II
  Book 2 Complete 14:44
X Lento-cantabile 2:12
XI Allegretto 1:18
XII Lento 2:17
XIII Tranquilo-tres calme, Energico 2:10
XIV Severo-serieux 2:08
XV Lento-plaintif 2:11
XVI Calme 2:33
Book III
  Book 3 Complete 12:45
XVII Lento 2:24
XVIII Luminoso 1:56
XIX Tranquillo 2:38
XX Calme 3:18
XXI Lento 2:29
Book IV
  Book 4 Complete 21:05
XXII Molto lento e tranquilo 2:30
XXIII Calme, avec clarte 2:24
XXIV Moderato 3:02
XXV No. 25 2:54
XXVI Lento 3:15
XXVII Lento molto 2:41
XXVIII Lento 4:17
Jan 8, 2016
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