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Forgotten Melodies

Forgotten Melodies

Medtner's three sets of Forgotten Melodies ('Vergessene Weisen'), Op.38, Op.39, and Op.40, are among his most popular works. While his Sonatas, Concertos, and other large-scale works are the exclusive domain of the most protean of pianists only, these varied pieces are generally more accessible and easier on both the pianist and the listener. Yet, they display all essential hallmarks of Medtner's style : elaborate passagework, counterpoint, multi-voice writing, polyrhythms, and dense chordal writing. They range from relatively simple lyrical character pieces (Romanza, Primavera) to one-movement Sonatas of tremendous power and impact (Sonata Reminiscenza, Sonata Tragica).

- by Breemer, C.

Forgotten Melodies Op.38

1 Sonata-Reminiscenza 17:37 Schlair, A.
8 Alla Reminiscenza 3:04 Schlair, A.

Forgotten Melodies Op.39
5 Sonata Tragica 10:37 Rosness, L.

Jan 8, 2016
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