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Letters of Franz Liszt

This etext was produced by John Mamoun <>
with the Online Distributed Proofreading Team of Charles Franks.

Letters of Franz Liszt, by Franz Liszt

The letters were selected by La Mara, and
translated into English by Constance Bache. The edition used was
an original 1893 Charles Scribner edition, printed in America.
Each page was cut out of it and fed into an Automatic Document
Scanner to make this e-text; hence, the original book was
fragmented in order to save it.

Some adaptations from the original text were made while
formatting it for an e-text. Italics in the original book were
ignored in making this e-text, unless they referred to proper
nouns, in which case they are put in quotes in the e-text.
Italics are not easily rendered in ASCII text, and in the
original book they generally do not seem to add much to Liszt's

Also, special German characters like U with an umlaut, and French
characters like a's and e's with various markings above them were
ignored, replaced with their closet single-letter equivalents. U
with an umlaut is U, A with a caret above it is A, and so on.
Words altered include Gotze, Tonkunstler, Gluck, Handel and
Bulow, among others.

In addition, the English spellings of words like "honour,"
"colour," "humour" and "theatre" were changed into American
equivalents like "honor," "color," "humor" and "theater."

This electronic text was prepared by John Mamoun with help from
numerous other proofreaders, including those associated with
Charles Franks' Distributed Proofreaders website. Special thanks to S.
Morrison, R. Zimmerman, K. McGuire, A. Montague, M. Fong and N. Harris
for proof-reading, and also thanks to B. Schak, D. Maddock, C. Weyant,
M. Taylor, K. Rieff, J. Roberts, K. Peterson and others.

This e-text is public domain, freely copyable and distributable for any
non-commercial purpose, and may be included without royalty or
permission on a mass media storage product, such as a cd-rom, that
contains at least 50 public domain electronic texts, whether offered
for non-commercial or commercial purposes. Any other commercial usage
requires permission. The biographical sketch was prepared for this e-
text and is also not copyright and is public domain.
  1. Brief Biographical Sketch
  2. Dedication
  3. Preface
  4. Table of letters, Vol 1
  5. Table of letters, Vol 2
  6. The letters, Vol 1
  7. The Letters, Vol 2
Jan 6, 2016
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