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Handel - Variations
The Chaconne in G Major with 62 variations, HWV 442, is the longest of the several sets of variations Handel wrote, and is relatively rarely played. It seems to have been composed before his moving to England, well before Bach wrote his Goldberg Variations. The bass line of Handel's chaconne is very similar to the first fourth of the Goldberg's theme. While Handel's music is not so deep and eternal, and the general tone much lighter, his keyboard music deserves to be played, for both musical and technical aspects. Just to have an idea of Handel's prolixity, imagine that, years after having written this chaconne, he wrote another one, on the same bass, with 17 new variations ! What is unusual about this set, is the fact that the mood remains constantly major, luminous and happy.
HWV 442 Chaconne in G major with 62 variations 13:41 Larrard, F. de
Jan 8, 2016
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