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Six Pieces

Six Pieces

The Seis Piezas sobre Cantos Populares Españoles (Six Pieces on popular Spanish Songs) were written circa 1985 and are similar in style and conception to the Twelve Spanish Dances.

Despite similar qualities, these six colorful pieces (prefaced by an atmospheric and evocative prelude) have not attained the universal popularity of the Spanish Dances.


Seis Piezas sobre Cantos Populares Españoles

Complete recording by Monica Hart

A mi quiridísima y respetable amiga Da. Cecila Gomez de Conde
0 Preludio 1:57
1 Añoranza 2:54
2 Ecos de la parranda 4:46
3 Vascongada 5:16
4 Marcha Oriental 3:49
5 Zambra 5:12
6 Zapateado 4:44
Jan 8, 2016
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