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Studies in Song

Studies in Song

Ned Gerhart's Studies in Song (subtitled New Standards for Piano) is a collection of 82 short and tuneful piano pieces that recreate the popular idiom of the 1920's. The book can be obtained from the composers's website at

Notes by the composer

This music is intended to be played just for the sheer enjoyment of it. I have not made any effort to include difficult passages that challenge your skill or patience. While I think my piano music would be a fantastic supplement for your piano lessons, I want to emphasize that even though the name of my book is Studies in Song, this music has not been created as a set of technical etudes intended to advance your piano skills in any particular way. It is simply music that I have enjoyed writing, and which I am confident many people will enjoy playing.

Each piece is introduced by a paragraph discussing the music or the mood, and these can be both humorous and enlightening. Except for a single tune, lyrics aren't provided. Of course, you can create your own lyrics − this can be a fascinating challenge if you have not attempted lyric writing before.

If you are a piano teacher, this music can help your students discover important patterns of modern harmony that they might not otherwise learn if lessons focus only on traditional repertoire. Help your students stay motivated by regularly introducing new musical genres! None of the music in this book was written as "pedagogical" material...there is nothing tedious or pedantic here at all, just enjoyable piano literature that your students will thrive on, and that you will look forward to hearing.

Notes by the performer

These are very likable pieces, well-written for the piano and equally suitable for study and recreation. I enjoyed recording them and can recommend this collection to anyone looking for some nice material to play or teach.

1 Candles in the Moonlight 1:25 Breemer, C.
2 October in Paris 1:01 Breemer, C.
3 Hopeful Waltz 1:16 Breemer, C.
4 What Will You Do Now ? 0:52 Breemer, C.
5 Tom Sawyer 1:26 Breemer, C.
6 That Couldn't Be My Guy 1:40 Breemer, C.
7 Here I Am 2:01 Breemer, C.
8 While You Were Napping 1:13 Breemer, C.
9 Demasiado 0:56 Breemer, C.
10 Is This Your Alibi ? 1:04 Breemer, C.
11 Love For You This Christmas 1:41 Breemer, C.
15 A Naked Woman is a Special Thing 1:39 Breemer, C.
16 Will She Notice ? 1:40 Breemer, C.
20 Onward We Toil 1:07 Breemer, C.
22 Singing again ! 1:14 Breemer, C.
24 It's A Wash-Out 0:43 Breemer, C.
25 When Roses Bloom 1:18 Breemer, C.
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