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Quatre Pieces Espagnoles (1908)

Manuel de Falla composed his suite of four Spanish pieces in 1908 while staying in Paris. Among Falla's musical acquaintances in Paris wasa Isaac Albeniz, who had just complete his masterpiece, the suite Iberia. Falla's Quatre Pieces Espagnoles are clearly his reponse to Iberia, and hea respectfully dedicated them to Isaac Albeniz. The writing is colorful, accomplished and ambitious, and has some of the grandeur and exuberant pianism of Iberia, albeit on a smaller scale. Personally I believe these to be some of the finest Spanish piano pieces ever composed.

Complete recording by Breemer, C.

Dedication : A Isaac Albeniz
Recording date : december 12/13, 2014
1 Aragonesa3:34
2 Cubana 4:35
3 Montanesa4:31
4 Andaluza 4:05
Jan 7, 2016
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