Needed before 2018-12-31
$ 1,000
So far donated
$ 160
Thank you to those who donated to Piano Society in 2017.

Donations 2006

We are very grateful for all donations from our sponsors. All music at Piano Society is free for personal use and to keep it that way we encourage our visitors to follow their own conscience and donate whatever money they feel they can spare in order to help secure the future of the site.

Top List of Donations

Peter Würmli2006-12-31
Ishaan Shastri2006-12-25
Carnevale, R.
Stephen Collazo2006-12-30
Michael Daube2006-12-26
Larry DeBoer2006-12-13
Anthony Czarnik2006-05-17
Barry Craig2006-05-12
Martin Troudt2006-05-22
Ding Huah Cheng2006-05-23
Borahm Kim2006-05-09
The table is limited at $10. Some donations of more than $10 do not appear in the table on the request of the donators. Linked donators are pianists on the site.

The Donations are likely tax-deductible which means that you may deduct donations from your federally-taxable income. Please contact a tax professional for the details of deducting such a donation.

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