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Pour Le Piano

Pour le Piano

Debussy's suite Pour le Piano, composed in 1901, is a transitional work. More advanced than the works before the turn of the century, it does not quite attain the impressionistic qualities of his later work. A graceful and introspective Sarabande is flanked by two driving toccata-like movements.The concluding Toccata is a virtuoso tour de force. Unusually, each of the three movements bears its own dedication :
Prélude - à Mademoiselle M.W. de Romilly
Sarabande - à Madame E. Rouart (née Y. Lerolle)
Toccata - à N.G. Coronio
Complete recording by Erich Huang
1 Prélude 3:52
2 Sarabande 4:14
3 Toccata 4:21
2 Sarabande 6:47 Rochelle, K.
2 Sarabande 4:33 Yamada-Scriba, T..
Jan 7, 2016
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