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Copyright & License

Copyright matters concerning the Piano Society (below: the organisation).

Regarding the recordings

The copyright pertaining to the recordings on this site belong to respective artists. Submission of recordings to the organisation does not result in a transfer of copyright from artists to the organisation. However, such submission does provide the organisation with a right to distribute recordings to the public. This right is not exclusive, and does not hamper the pianist's further handling of their recordings in any way.

Visitors to the organisation website may download hosted recordings for private use (which includes use by oneself and a limited circle of friends/relatives). However, they may not further distribute recordings to the public in the form of an internet website or by other means without the express consent of the artists in question.
This restriction also affects possibilities of linking to hosted recordings. Links may not be designed in the manner of "deep links", so that they automatically lead to a specific file. This is equal to unauthorised distribution and thus disallowed. On the other hand, links leading to the main page of the organisation website, or even to subdivisions with textual content are allowed (where it is clear that a transfer to the organisation website has indeed taken place).
To summarise any access of the material while it is online must be carried out through the links on the site, without exception.

Regarding remaining content

Remaining content on the site, including textual content and layout/design is copyrighted by the organisation. Visitors to the organisation website may not further distribute such content to the public, e.g. by utilising it for the purpose of developing an independent website.
Jan 5, 2016
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