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Chopin composed five Rondos, which live in the shadow of his other compositions ans seldom feature in pianist's repertoire. Still they mark a significant milestone in Chopin's development to maturity, and any serious pianist interested in Chopin should play at least the Rondo a la Mazur Op.5, which is a remarkably mature work for a composer of age 16. Chopin's Rondos are not strictly in Rondo form, but rather develop the themes during the piece, blending together rather than juxtaposing the different sections. This is very typical for Chopin, where instead of releasing the tension, he turns away from it and leaves it unresolved until the very end, where all built-up energy culminates.

Rondo in E-flat major Op.16

Rondo in E-flat major Op.1610:31
Xie, Z.

Jan 7, 2016
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