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Pavanes et Galliards

Pavanes and Galliards

The Pavane is a majestic, stately dance in 4/4 time, thought to be originally from Padua, Italy. It was often used to open a ball or other ceremonial event, as an opportunity for the ladies to show off their dresses.

The Gaillard, also originating from Italy, is a lively dance consisting of four hopping steps and a high leap, an opportunity for the athletic gentlemen to show off for their partners.

The Pavane and Gaillard were hugely popular in 16th and early 17th century Europe, especially in England and France. The two dances were usually performed in sequence, and often composed that way too. William Byrd composed at least 40 sets of Pavanes and Gaillards, the most famous of which we present here.

Pavane & Galliard 'The Earle of Salisbury' 2:21 Helling, E.
Jan 6, 2016
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