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Piano Sonatas

Piano Sonatas

Brahms sonatas constitues his most early published works (but for the very early which he deliberately destroyed later on) and are only three in numbers (Op.1 in C major, Op.2 in F-sharp minor and Op.5 in F minor). The last was composed when he was only 20 years old and sent to Schumann for commentary. Brahms wanted to explore his composition technique and believed that most things where already done in the piano sonata genre and therefore, he they are few in numbers. Nevertheless, they bare an obvious trademark of Brahms and are very well composed and musically wonderful.

Op.1 - Piano Sonata in C major
I. Allegro 9:02 Shields, H.

Op. 2 - Piano Sonata in F-sharp minor

Complete Recording by Felipe Sarro
1 Allegro non troppo ma energico 5:47
2 Andante con espressione 5:22
3 Scherzo 3:47
4 Finale 11:36
Jan 6, 2016
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