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Complete recording by Breemer, C.

Beethoven - Six Bagatelles, Op. 126 (1823-24)
1 Andante con moto 3:38
2 Allegro 3:19
3 Andante 2:31
4 Presto 4:24
5 Quasi allegretto 2:50
6 Presto - Andante amabile e con moto 4:33

Six Bagatelles, Op. 126
1 Andante con moto 3:59 Bertazzi, A..
3 Andante 2:41 Bertazzi, A.
5 Quasi allegretto 2:15 Bertazzi, A..

Eleven Bagatelles, Op.119
The Eleven Bagatelles Op. 119 were first published in 1823, and, together with the Bagatelles Op, 126, are amongst Beethoven's finest piano compositions. Previously, Beethoven had offered this set to Peters Verlag, who rejected them with the blunt words :
Your pieces are not worth the money and you should consider it beneath your dignity to waste time with such trivia that anyone can write.

1 Allegretto 1:52 Morin-Paul, N.

Bagatelle WoO 59 (Für Elise)

This short piece, while quite uncharacteristic of Beethoven, has become his most popular composition, and is probably the best known piano piece of all times.
Bagatelle no.25 "Für Elise" 3:07 Kopp, S.
Bagatelle no.25 "Für Elise" 3:56 Bertoli, M.
Jan 6, 2016
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