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French Ouverture

The Overture in the French style, BWV 831, also known as the French Overture and published as the second half of Clavier-Übung II in 1735 (along with the Italian Concerto), is a suite in B minor for two-manual harpsichord but it today mainly performed on the piano. The term 'Overture' refers to the fact that this suite starts with an Ouverture movement, and was a common generic name for French suites (his orchestral suites were similarly named).

BWV 831 consists of the following movements:

1. Ouverture
2. Courante
3. Gavotte I/II
4. Passepied I/II
5. Sarabande
6. Bourrée I/II
7. Gique
8. Echo

The style of this work refers to composers like François Couperin who had published compositions in this suite format.

Complete Video recording by Peter Schuttevaar.

BWV 831 Overture, Gavotte I, Gavotte II, Passepied I, Passepied II, Sarabande, Bourrée I, Bourrée II, Gigue, Echo (VIDEO) 18:09

This Video is a part of a release planned in February 2008 named "A Craving for peace" in DVD format.


1 BWV 831 French Overture 9:51 Weigl, P.
2 BWV 831 French Ouverture 17:39 Schuttevaar, P.










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