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The harpsichord concertos, BWV 1052-1065, are concertos for harpsichord, strings and continuo. Seven of the concertos are for a single harpsichord, (BWV 1052-1058), three for 2 harpsichords (BWV 1060-1062), two for 3 harpsichords (BWV 1063-1064) and one for 4 harpsichords, (BWV 1065).

Two other concertos include solo harpsichord parts. The concerto BWV 1044, which has solo parts for harpsichord, violin and flute and the Brandenburg concerto no.5, BWV 1050, with the same scoring.

All of Bach's harpsichord concertos (with the exception of the Brandenburg concerto) are thought to be arrangements made from earlier concertos for melodic instruments probably written in Cöthen. In many cases, only the harpsichord version has survived.

Concerto no.5 in F minor, BWV 1056

1. Allegro Moderato
2. Largo
3. Presto

The normal orchastration is piano (harpsichord), violin I/II, viola, continuo (cello, violone) but in the recording below, Dr. Judith Stillman represents the non keyboard instruments using the piano.

Allegro Moderato
Anatone, R.

Jan 6, 2016
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