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 This page lists recordings of classical repertoire that do not otherwise fit in the Piano Society site structure, such as improvisations, transcriptions, or compositions by composers who do not have a separate page on the site.

The classification of some of these pieces as 'classical' is quite arbitrary. The distinction between classical and popular is difficult to make in some cases, and is entirely up to the Piano Society music board. Be sure to check out the companion page _Popular (piano).

Arne, Thomas Con Spirito (organ) 2:25 Breemer, C.
Bauer, Harold Komm süsser Tod (after Bach, BWV 478) 4:03 Bertazzi, A.
Bellini, Vincenzo Casta Diva (transcription for left-hand by Adolfo Fumagalli) 5:45 Wright, A.
Bellini, Vincenzo Casta Diva (transcription by Thalberg) 5:42 Wright, A.
Bellini, Vincenzo A te, o cara (I Puritani)(transcription by Thalberg) 5:23 Wright, A.
Bellini, Vincenzo Wright - Fantasy on La Sonnambula 7:43 Wright, A.
Boellmann, Leon Suite Gothique Op.25 - 3: Priere a Notre Dame (organ) 5:07 Pittman, S.
Borden, David Double Portrait 16:10 Lee, A.
Borodin, Alexander Petite Suite No. 7 "Nocturne" 3:14 Hart, M.
Botsford, George Black and White Rag 2:59 Assimakopoulos, P.
Botsford, George Grizzly Bear Rag 3:00 Assimakopoulos, P.
Botsford, George Hyacinth Rag 2:58 Assimakopoulos, P.
Boyce, William Voluntary in C (organ) 1:58 Breemer, C.
Blumenfeld, Felix Moment de desespoir, Op. 21 No. 1 4:19 Robson, J.
Bridge, Frank April 2:39 Budd, M..
Bridge, Frank Heart's Ease (from 3 Lyrics, H.161) 2:04 Hart, M.
Bridge, Frank Rosemary 3:41 Budd, M.
Bridge, Frank Valse Capricieuse 1:46 Budd, M..
Bruch, Max 8 Romantic Pieces, Op. 83, No. 1 3:53 Stehlik, B.
Brusa, Elisabetta Marche Funebre 9:50 Breemer, C.
Bull, John Fantasia on a Fugue by Sweelinck (organ) 3:27 Breemer, C.
Cage, John In a Landscape 10:21 Djordjevic, A.
Cage, John Quest 1:07 Bronner, F.
Camilleri, Charles Due Canti - Cantilena 2:26 Willmer, R.
Chernov, Gennady 6 Poetic Pictures, No. 4 2:39 Willmer, R..
Ciurlionis, Mikalojus Prelude VL239 2:01 Dobrzanski, S.
Ciurlionis, Mikalojus Prelude VL241 1:33 Dobrzanski, S.
Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel 24 Negro Melodies Op. 59 - 10: Deep River 7:24 Pittman, S.
Cowell, Henry Aeolian Harp 2:38 Sarro. F.
Croft, William Voluntary in D minor (organ) 1:59 Breemer, C.
Czerny, Carl The school of Velocity, Op.299, No.7 1:16 Silva, M. da
Decaux, Abel Clair de lune No. 3 (Le cimetiere) 6:01 Micol, F.
Diabelli, Anton Rondino 2:14 Faulk, E.
Donostia, Jose Preludes no. 3 "Oyanian" 2:50 Hart, M.
Donostia, Jose Preludes no. 4 "Eresia" 3:42 Hart, M.
Donostia, Jose Preludes no. 9 "Seask aldean eresiz" 1:50 Hart, M.
Doucet, Clement Chopinata 5:51 Hart, M.
Duncombe, William Fanfare Minuet 0:37 Faulk, E.
Dutra, Eduardo Preludio in f-sharp minor, Op. 32 2:14 April, D.
Eilenberg,Richard Petersburger Schlittenfarhrt, Op.57 3:01 Breemer, C.
Elmenreich, Albert Spinning Song, Op. 14 1:23 Hart, M.
Francaix, Jean Trio for Clarinet, Viola, and Piano 3:46 Stehlik, B.
Frumerie, Gunnar de Chaconne Op. 8 4:53 Parrow, J.
Garcia, Victor Uru 3:53 Franco, R.
Garcia, Victor Kaluyo - "No me abandones" 2:22 Franco, R.
Garcia, Victor Cueca del Dalence 3:26 Franco, R.
Garcia, Victor Jurame, for piano and violin 2:27 Franco, R
Garson, Michael Jazz Variations on a theme of Paganini, for clarinet and piano 3:16 Pfaul, A. / Michael Schönfelder (clarinet)
Garson, Michael Soliloquy II, for clarinet and piano 2:59 Pfaul, A. / Michael Schönfelder (clarinet)
Glazunov, Aleksandr Prelude in D-flat Major, Op. 49, No. 1 2:24 April, D.
Gluck, Christoph W. Siloti transcription "Melody from Orpheus 3:38 Sarro, F.
Gounod, Charles Funeral march of a Marionette 5:07 Breemer, C.
Guion, David W. The Harmonica Player 2:50 Hart, M.
Gulda, Friedrich Übungsstück 1 from "Play Piano Play" 1:55 Hammer, T.
Hough, Stephen Piano Sonata "Broken Branches" 17:07 Parrow, J..
Ismagilov, Timur  24 Preludes - No. 5 in D Major 1:04 Willmer, R.
Ismagilov, Timur 24 Preludes - No. 15 in D-flat Major 1:04 Willmer, R.
Ismagilov, Timur 24 Preludes - No 14 in E flat 1:27 Willmer, R.
Ives, Charles Piano Study No. 23 4:29 Anatone, R.
Jaell, Alfred Rapsodie sur un motif de La Traviata     3:58 Wright, A.
Jaell, Alfred Reminiscences de Norma 10:52 Wright, A.
Janza, Mark Aviation Rag 3:17 Assimakopoulos, P.
Joel, Billy Invention in C minor, Op. 6 1:07 Hart, M./a>.
Johnson, Tom An Hour for Piano 1:00:25 Lee, A.
Kazandjiev, Vassil Toccata 1957 5:31 Stavreva, T.
Keeble, John Diapason movement (organ) 1:46 Breemer, C.
Khachaturian, Aram Toccata 5:13 Jones, J.
Krieger, Johann Minuet in C 1:12 Faulk, E.
Lamb, Joseph Reindeer Rag 2:21 Siegel, B.
Lardie, Don First Rhapsody Op. 10-1 4:27 Coleman, N.
Leeuw, Ton de Lydic Suite (1954) 4:47 Breemer, C.
Leschetizky, Theodor Leschetizky - Andante finale de Lucia di Lammermoor pour la main gauche seule, Op. 13 5:35 Wright, A.
Lewis, Matthew Ballade 5:44 Antonov, A.
Liebermann, Lowell Gargoyles, Op. 29, no. 3 2:29 Kendrick, A.
Liebich, Immanuel The Musical Box 3:01 del Rio, E.
Lipatti, Dinu Nocturne 6:37 Sarro, F.
Livernash, Will The Georgia Giggle 3:35 Hart, M./a>.
Loeillet, Jean-Baptiste Sarabande 3:14 Bisotti, S.
Martucci, Giuseppe Fantasy on Verdi's "La Forza del Destino" 8:05 Wright, A.
Meyerbeer, Giacomo Wright - Paraphrase on Meyerbeer's Robert le Diable 5:06 Wright, A.
Meyerbeer, Giacomo Kullak - transcription of Meyerbeer´s Cavatine of Robert le Diable 5:08 Wright, A.
Mignone, Francisco Transcendental Study no. 6 'Sacy' 1:07 Sarro, F.
Mignone, Francisco Valsa de esquina no. 9 3:48 Sarro, F.
Morovsky, Alexander Valsette 1:06 Faulk, E.
Murnak, Raina Le mystere d'attraction - 1st mov't. 8:16 Antonov, A.
Murnak, Raina Le mystere d'attraction - 2nd mov't. 2:54 Antonov, A.
Murnak, Raina Le mystere d'attraction - 3rd mov't. 5:28 Antonov, A.
Nakada, Yashinao Song of Twilight 1:39 Muller, N.
Oginski, M.K. Polonaise in A minor 2:17 Rybak, B.
Paradis, Maria Theresia Von Sicilienne 3:17 Hasselquist, A.
Pärt, Arvo Für Alina 2:24 Parrow, J.
Pieczonka, Albert Hommage à la Pologne 2:26 Hart, M.
Pieczonka, Albert Tarantella 2:58 Sarro, F.
Pleyel, Ignace Allegro 0:54 Faulk, E.
Pleyel, Ignace Minuet in C 2:40 Faulk, E.
Pleyel, Ignace Sontina No. 9 1:20 Faulk, E.
Raud, Avo Danse Estonienne 2:10 Parrow, J.
Reinhold, Hugo Impromptu in C-sharp minor, Op. 28, No. 3 5:10 Robson, J.
Rogers Great Peace have They Which Love Thy Law 3:30 Hasselquist, A
Rossini, Gioachino Thalberg fantasy on Mosè in Egitto 13.16 Wright, A.
Senneville, Paul de Marriage d'Amour 2:10 Mar, J.
Stcherbatcheff Twilight Op. 4, No. 4 2:19 Coleman, N.
Stoyanov, Vesselin Nocturne 6:24 Kolarova, G.
Suesse, Dana American Nocturne 5:21 Antonov, A.
Thalberg, Sigismond 'Voi che sapete' (after Mozart's Figaro) 2:55 Sing, T.
Vandall, Robert Prelude No.4 1:08 Siegel, B.
Vandall, Robert Prelude No.7 1:37 Siegel, B.
Verdi, Giuseppe Cziffra transcription of Il Trovatore 7:46 Wright, A.
Verdi, Giuseppe Liszt transcription of Ernani 6:20 Wright, A.
Verdi, Giuseppe Thalberg - Fantasy of La Traviata 8:25 Wright, A.
Vetter, Andreas Nikolaus Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr (Fughette) (organ) 1:03 Breemer, C.
Vetter, Andreas Nikolaus Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland (Fughette) (organ) 1:15 Breemer, C.
Wesley, Charles Pastorale (organ) 2:27 Breemer, C.
Wild, Earl Transcription of Marcello's Oboe Concerto in D minor, II: Adagio 4:53 Harrison, D.
Wooster, Frank & Smith, Ethel B. Black Cat Rag 2:50 Assimakopoulos, P.
Wright, Andrew Thalbergiana 6:17 Wright, A.





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