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_Chamber Music

Various ensemble recordings by Piano Society members.

Three 20th century British pieces for clarinet and piano, performed by Michael Schönfelder (clarinet) and Andreas Pfaul (piano).

Gordon Jacob - Siciliano 2:30 Pfaul, A.
David Lyon - Almost like a Waltz 2:20 Pfaul, A.
Terence Greaves - Marche en Rondeau 2:51 Pfaul, A.

Originally written for guitar and string quartet, Boccherini's Introduction and Fandango was arranged for guitar and harpsichord by the famous guitarist, Julian Bream.  Here it is played by Francois de Larrard (harpsichord) and Olivier Saltiel (guitar).

Boccherini - Introduction and Fandango 6:03 Larrard, F. de/Saltiel, O.

Prélude, Fugue, Variation Op. 18 by César Franck in its original version for harmonium and piano played by Daniel Hoehr (piano) and Axel Wilberg (harmonium).

Prélude, Fugue, Variation Op. 18 11:40 Hoehr, D./Wilberg, A.




Jan 5, 2016
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