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Piano Quintet

The Piano Quintet of Op.57 is the only Quintet Shostakovich composedbut is his most popular chamber work. Especially the scherzo is well known and appears in movies etc. The Quintet was performed first time in Moscow with Shostakovich himself at the piano in 1940 and won the Stalin prize in the next year.

Complete recording by Carmelo Giudice and the Bernini Quintet.

I. Prelude 4:44 Giudice, C.
II. Fugue 9:55 Giudice, C.
III. Scherzo 3:37 Giudice, C.
IV. Intermezzo  6:55 Giudice, C.
V. Finale 8:55 Giudice, C.
Jan 7, 2016
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