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Fantasiestücke op.12

Schumann’s great cycles of character pieces form the core of his piano oeuvre and are essential to the repertoire of any pianist. Most popular are undoubtedly Carnaval (Op. 9) and Kreisleriana (Op. 16); somewhat less frequently played are the Davidsbündlertänze (Op. 6), the Novelletten (Op.21) and the Phantasiestücke (Fantasy Pieces) Op. 12.

The Phantasiestücke consists of eight pieces in various contrasting moods. Although not explicitly referred to, clearly Schumann's beloved Eusebius and Florestan are taking turns much like they do in the Davidsbündlertänze.

  • Des Abends (Evening) - A dreamy and tender introduction.
  • Aufschwung (Soaring) - A fiery and fast piece full with a calmer middle section.
  • Warum ? (Why ?) - Another tender an deamy piece of a questioning nature.
  • Grillen (Whims) - A humorous and adventurous scherzo.
  • In der Nacht (At Night) - A feverish and spooky nocturnal piece.
  • Fabel (Fable) - A narrative piece evoking the spirit of a fairy tale.
  • Traumes Wirren (Dream Visions) - A nervy, manic piece of great difficulty.
  • Ende vom Lied (End of the Song) - A calm end, in turns humourous and majestic.


1 Des Abends 4:08 Bertram, J.
1 Des Abends 3:10 Reichgott, H.
2 Aufschwung 3:34 Kaidja, L.
3 Warum ? 2:32 Reichgott, H.
4 Grillen 2:22 Morin-Paul, N.
5 In der Nacht 5:32 Bertram, J.
5 In der Nacht 4:16 Hoehr, D.
Jan 7, 2016
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