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Danses Gitanes Op. 55

Turina's two sets of Danses Gitanes, Op. 55 and Op.84, are among his best-loved piano works. The Op.55 set was written in 1930 and owes much of its popularity to the final piece, Sacro-monte. While being music of modest scope and ambition, these pieces are charming, exciting, and well-written for the piano, their characteristic rhythms providing an authentic feel of 'Spanishness'.


Complete recording by Breemer, C.

Danzas Gitanas (première serie) Op. 55 (1930)
Dedication: à José CUBILES
1 Zambra 3:23
2 Danza de la Seduccion 2:53
3 Danza Ritual 2:14
4 Generalife 1:43
5 Sacro-Monte 1:43
Jan 15, 2016
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