Complete list of Chopin's compositions

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Postby Anonymous » Thu Mar 29, 2007 6:56 pm

My dear pianolady,
Your are most kind and I would appreciate having a copy of those mazurkas. I don't think you need to pay to get them resized though. Just turn the pages sideways and scan first the upper half, then the lower half of the pages. I must admit that I do this often myself when learning a new piece so that the music text is larger and easier to read. (I'm not that great at sightreading) If anyone wants to have the regular format pages they can simply put them back together in photoshop or some equivilent program. I think this also helps retain the sharpness of the texts which can be a little grainy or splotchy to begin with in older manuscripts.
Thank you very much.

P.S. - Ditto to anyone with copys of the other 4 mazurkas. javascript:emoticon(':D')
Very Happy

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Postby pianolady » Thu Mar 29, 2007 7:21 pm

PM me your email address and it shall be done. :)
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Postby MindenBlues » Fri Mar 30, 2007 5:41 am

pianolady wrote:PM me your email address and it shall be done. :)

I would like to have a copy too, please! Just dropped a PM to you - many thanks!!!!

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Postby robert » Sat Mar 31, 2007 8:01 pm

pianolady wrote: The D-Major mazurka is listed as No. 54 and the revision as 55. This second one does look much different and is also longer than the first one by two lines.

I think this is correct and for your information, I have sheets on all mazurkas from no.1 to no.59. The 59:th, also named as Dabrowski Mazurka, has a text "with the refrain elaborated by Fryderyk Chopin"...whatever that means.

One thing that can be done about legality is to create your own sheets from scratch but that is a very time consuming work. I did that for the waltzes 18-20 and it took and least 20 hour for each waltz.

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Postby chopinman0901 » Thu Aug 23, 2007 2:11 am

Regarding the Canon in F Minor:
I recently came across a partial recording of the work at [url][/url]. Just go to the complete music section, and it you should find it somewhere when you find the first link to another website. While so far it doesn't sound like an amazing piece, I still want to know more about it.

I wonder why there is only a partial recording too. I've Googled it and there are several CDs out with - again - only a partial recording of the work. Maybe only a partial manuscript was ever found (like that "Devil's Trill" Prelude in E-Flat Minor). Even so, do you think it's possible that it would be released to the public?

Oh, and that website doesn't have the first bars of those waltzes anymore. Maybe they weren't authentic? Anymore news on the waltzes front?

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