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Re: Lipatti

Postby Rachfan » Tue Nov 29, 2011 3:23 am

Hi hyenal,

Yes, I recall reading in Rubinstein's first volume of autobiography, "My Early Years" that once he left Prof. Barth, started his career, and went on tours, he paid little attention to his playing and took many a liberty to say the least. He seldom practiced and just played off-the-cuff. When Horowitz came on the scene, it was like a shockwave to Rubinstein. He knew that he had to totally reform his playing to be competitive on the concert scene and to be taken seriously. To his credit he did exactly that and emerged with a more accurate, polished and magisterial artistry. So he considered himself to be a better pianist in his 50s and 60s than earlier. In a way, I think that's inspiring. It's possible that in his younger years he was more poetic in his playing. I'd have to scout up some of those old piano rolls and Pianola recordings on YouTube to sample his playing then. But his style of playing certainly became much more mature and appreciated later in his life when he was one of the Big Three pianist along with Serkin and Horowitz (and later when the Three became the Four with Richter).

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