Angela Hewitt lecture: playing Bach on piano

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Angela Hewitt lecture: playing Bach on piano

Postby Terez » Thu Sep 04, 2008 9:18 pm

Have any of you seen it? We watched an hour's worth of it in class today, and I learned a few things I didn't know (for instance, that ornaments in a particular motive are assumed to be played every time that motive appears even if it is no longer marked. Makes sense.)

She seemed a bit pompous and her facial expressions would rival Lang Lang's if she moved her body along with it. :lol: But I'm not one to crucify people for their eccentricities...

EDIT: Ha, I just now actually read that article I linked. I thought it was just a promo for the DVD, but I went to close the tab for it and got distracted by reading it. The person who did the review apparently agrees with me...she plays great, and gives good advice, but she comes across as condescending, and over-harsh in emphasizing her ideas of the "right way" to play Bach, the DVD had bad editing, and they even compared her to Lang Lang too. :lol: When she was playing I had to look away from the screen and just listen to enjoy it, unless the camera was on her hands. Even when the camera was on her hands, it was weird - her hands looked really stiff. Obviously they're not, since she plays good, but they looked weird. :?
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