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Re: Revision

Postby musicusblau » Sat Jul 03, 2010 1:37 pm

Techneut wrote:
I'm glad to have it back though. It sure looks so much better in my room than that huge shiny black Grotrian. And it sounds much brighter than before.

Have my congratulations on your freshly restored Gaveau! I have listened to and commented on your newest Bartok-recordings and I only can acknowledge, that your restored Gaveau sounds much brighter and clearer than before. I also suppose, it got back more of its original Gaveau-sound. (It´s just a feeling, I´m no expert concerning instruments of Gaveau.) So, I think, your piano technician has done a good work and so it´s a good decision to take it back. An original restored Gaveau is rarer than a Grotrian, but the main argument for your choice is, that you feel happy with it. I also think, that your restored Gaveau has a very beautiful and original (individual) character of sound! You can be proud to have such an instrument.

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