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New Job

Postby fluterific00 » Tue Apr 20, 2010 5:18 am

Well, when a full time job offer comes and is handed right in your lap, how can you refuse? Plus, I'll get my benefits (thankfully before Obama care sets in, if it does :) ). It includes retirement, life insurance, medical and dental. :) I've not had that luxury yet. Now, I'll be playing the piano for 6 or so hours a day at a high school and junior high choir. Plus, I have a chance for an increase in pay.
I'm also enjoying my story and clark baby now that we have it in tune. I hope to record something soon. Maybe something simple would work, like C.P.E Bach's Solfegietto.

Tip- Vinegar works great on cleaning deadened piano strings- just don't soak them too long! Found that out the hard way. :) There's maybe one string that I'm not as happy with, but overall, it's not bad.

Anyway, I figure with my new job I'll have enough to by a Steinway in a couple of years or so. Well, I suppose anyone can dream right? (and drool, ha ha)

Happy piano playing :)
Painting is just an advanced form of coloring. :D

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