New Fugue For Glenn Gould

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New Fugue For Glenn Gould

Postby Bornfield » Fri Aug 10, 2012 7:05 pm

Hello All!

Just wanted to share this piano work I have written. Of course Glenn Gould is one of my favorite people, and I really wish that I was alive in time to meet him. Fortunately, he has left us a bounty of great works and inspirational dialogues. And so I say, here is one more for you GG!!

Please enjoy Cory Hall's playing. And message me at and I will waive the performance royalties fee for any pianist that wants to play this piece in recital, from this forum. Of course you are invited to make recordings of this for this forum or youtube without BMI royalty impositions (for free!!).

Sheet music/audio: ... gould.html

Just performance video:

Best Regards,

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Re: New Fugue For Glenn Gould

Postby pianoman342 » Fri Aug 10, 2012 9:47 pm

Hi Jeremiah,

I had a listen to your new Fugue for piano. I like it, you do Glenn Gould proud here (hopefully he doesn't mind me speaking for him) :P. Like your inventions, it sounds baroque, while still carrying a modern flavor with semi-syncopations. I agree with your label on your website that it is a "virtousic" fugue. It's funny I recently created a list of the 10 pieces any concert pianist should be able to play on the repertoire part of the forum. No doubt, your piece here could make that list! Fugues are challenging to begin with, but this by all looks is a challenging fugue! It looks kind of like an invention till m. 9 when three notes are sustained on the 4th sixteenth, a Bb, D and G. After that, the rest of the piece I would have to break into parts to learn. The bass clef switching to treble, and the fast leap in both hands from the end of m. 58 to m. 59 That said, I think Cory Hall did an outstanding job (and at the tempo, really incredible).

Enjoyed your piece,

"I don't know what music is, but I know it when I hear it." - Alan Schuyler
Riley Tucker

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Re: New Fugue For Glenn Gould

Postby Bornfield » Sat Aug 11, 2012 4:32 am

Wow. How nice to come back to this page and see your great write-up, Riley!! Thanks. It's not an easy fugue, but Cory actually added an octave to some of the bass which most pianists wouldn't dare too. I'm happy to hear it being played and just really flattered to hear such great compliments. I'm hoping to make many pieces for your top 10 list. lol

Thanks, Riley!!

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