Liszt - Consolation V (retake)

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Re: Liszt consolation v retake

Postby MindenBlues » Mon Dec 25, 2006 8:38 am

johnmar78 wrote:- Bar 10: You don't play the C# in the LH ''' but my score marked first lh note c# on the LH'

- Bar 15: In the middle voice you play a D# and then a D natural which should be D# too. Ugly !

No, I played it D# twice...your ear is out of tune. For third time I listened next to my piano.

Now I pulled out my old score and started to check again. After checking the first two things in bar 10 and bar 15 I have to say that Chris is entirely right.

Of course your score marked first LH note c# on the LH, because it is c#. The thing is only, you did not play it!!!

Now, bar 15. I just played it on my piano. That strange chord you play in the 3rd 8th sounds exactly this way if you play a D natural instead D# the second time, that's the truth.

At this stage I decided not to check for the other things Chris pointed out.
I never found anyone including my piano teacher who was that precise as Chris is in pointing to reading mistakes.
You better think deeper and start investigations about every point before grumble back.

Say what? I decided for myself that before I submit a complex piece next time I will go to a professional and ask for help regarding reading mistakes. I know now that I tend to get reading errors without noticing, so better ask someone for help in order to make the thing better.

In your case it would help too. There is nothing bad in taking lessons or asking for listening before a submission, just the opposite. Some need maybe help in finding tasteful and deep expression, some need help to get all the notes rights. That there are some notes missing or wrong in a really difficult, long or complex piece however, I think that nobody will raise the sword and accepts the achievement netherveless.

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Postby techneut » Mon Dec 25, 2006 2:44 pm

Ok johnmar, it must be my faulty ears then - as well as bad eyesight and rotten scores :roll: I'm not going to argue about it - this is not about scoring points. I gave you my feedback (which it seems I just as well might not have done) and you either use it or you don't. Maybe next time I should save myself the time and just say 'nice played'. If that will help.

Whether you re-record this or not is entirely up to you. I have no problem putting it up the site as it is.
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Postby johnmar78 » Tue Dec 26, 2006 5:50 am

Hope everyone enjoyed Christmas!
Sorry, Chris, I misread you feedback on bar 10. I didn't mean to grumble; I am really grateful for all the time everyone has put in to listen to my recordings and for giving me honest feedback - it's ok to be brutal with me. Honest! :-) I look forward to your comments about any of my recordings.
- J

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