Couperin - Tenth Ordre of Harpsichord Pieces

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Re: Couperin - Tenth Ordre of Harpsichord Pieces

Postby Francois de Larrard » Thu Dec 12, 2013 9:28 pm

Dear Kaila,
This is probably the longest and most positive post I've ever received from a PS fellow. Thanks so much ! Coming from an accomplished pianist and musician like you only add value, of course... You understand that I have a special relationship with Couperin (the reason why I have adopted one of his famous sentences under my signature). I had a dear old piano teacher who opened my mind to music between the age of 10 to 17. He was an organist, a French music lover, among other music, and I remember him talking about Couperin and his dynasty. But I did not practice any Couperin's piece with him. I was in my late thirties I think when I bought the Dover edition of harpsichord pieces and started playing it. Since this time, it is a source of happiness at which I come regularly. He is very popular within the harpsichordist community, but almost ignored by pianists. It is true that this music is full of ornaments (sometimes one every two notes !), and these ornaments are not easy to play on piano, especially on upright ones. Also, there are few notes - many pieces contain only two voices - which make them sounding somewhat lean on piano. However, some great pianists like Robert Casadessus or Marcelle Meyer have long shown that this music can be also nicely rendered on modern pianos...
I hope that my modest performance will give you the curiosity to make a trial with François Couperin "le Grand". The uncle Louis was not bad either...
"Je préfère ce qui me touche que ce qui me surprend"
François Couperin (1668-1733)

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