Rebikov - Reves de bonheur

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Re: Rebikov - Reves de bonheur

Postby Rachfan » Wed Sep 04, 2013 12:40 am

Hi Affinity,

You play these pieces very well with wonderful expression. Brought up with 78 rpm and LP records, I didn't hear the hiss that was mentioned. Listeners back then had ears that could quickly filter out the hiss in a matter of seconds to allow the music to shine through. It's good to hear late romantic Russian composers who were not known nearly as well as Rachmaninov and Scriabin. These pieces are very charming indeed.

The only suggestions I would make pertain to No. 3. Toward the end, the pedaling (mentioned by some of the others) is over generous. I believe all you need to do there is a couple of half-pedal releases to thin out the overtones. The other thing is that the piece seems to end very abruptly. I don't have the benefit of the score here, but I would have let the sound trail off a bit more.

Again, very fine playing. Thanks for posting this music of Rebikov.

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