Mompou - Preludes 11 and 12

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Re: Mompou - Preludes 11 and 12

Postby pianolady » Sun Feb 16, 2014 4:54 pm

nubbins wrote:
pianolady wrote:Thank you for listening and the kind words, Andreas and David. The score for these two pieces cannot be found on the Internet. I had to buy it from an oversees publisher who charged around $22 for only five pages of tax and shipping. :) I didn't even buy the music for myself, but alas the only way I would hear it was to play it myself.

Can someone please tell me who sells the sheet music to Mompou's 11th and 12th Preludes? No one online seems to offer these for sale and no copies are available in my local university music libraries (Dallas area). I already have Preludes 1-10, but hunting down the music to the last two has been very frustrating.

Well, as you can see in my earlier post, I found the preludes.
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