Kapustin - Motive Force Op.45

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Re: Kapustin - Motive Force Op.45

Postby groovinkeyz » Sun Oct 13, 2013 1:41 pm

techneut wrote:Thanks :D
But I believe one should play every note. Kapustin does not consider himself a jazz musician, is not interested in improvising, and notates his music painstakingly precise. His own playing is a marvel of clarity and accuracy, 100% faithful to the score. My main fault here is trying to cover up a lack of technique and insufficient practice with a lot of pedal. I'll need to get back to this piece some day.

By saying so, I guess you don't know what I was trying to tell. (Or maybe you do?)
'Not playing every note', in my case, doesn't mean that you skip the notes that you ain't comfortable playing or being not so accurate... It doesn't have to do with being faithful to the score and also doesn't mean that you don't need to practice so much and just playing how your hands feel at the time. IN FACT, to be able to do that, 'not to play every single note', you should practice really hard... in that way, you could see where you can "not to play" (or should I say, not to give every note the same energy :)

What I was trying to say is ..."trying to minimize your effort and not to give out your energy more than the piece require"... To give you an example, 2 pianists play the same scale passage,... Both of them play in a good tempo, timing with 100% accuracy... But one can really sound like a machine gun whereas another can sound graceful with beautiful curves... I guess the one that is able to play gracefully practiced the passage so hard and so many times that he knows the road (the passage) so well and know where to put (and NOT to put) more gas...

Don't get me wrong... your playing doesn't sound like a machine gun... It is already beautiful. But it is just my observation that it could be even better! :D

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Re: Kapustin - Motive Force Op.45

Postby techneut » Sun Oct 13, 2013 6:01 pm

Yeah I guess I get you. I've not yet raised above the technicalities to a level where I'm playing the music rather than the notes. Being an amateur, this is a goal that will be hard to reach. Especially with such difficult music as Kapustin's.
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