Barber - Hesitation Tango

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Re: Barber - Hesitation Tango

Postby pianolady » Fri May 17, 2013 2:35 pm

Affinity wrote:This comes as a coincidence, as I recently heard a two-piano version at my old school's duet concert, which seemed even cuter as the partners were 'hesitating' before each other. But you pull off the hesitance quite well by yourself; as previous posters have said, you could probably introduce more rubato as well. Also you could broaden up before the entrances of the second theme as in 0:56 for example. Great work as usual.

Thank you for listening and for the suggestions. Yes, that is a coincidence. :) I had one happen yesterday with the Telemann piece I recorded. I heard it on my Pandora station at work.
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