Beethoven - Sonata Op.10 No.2

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Re: Beethoven - Sonata Op.10 No.2

Postby techneut » Wed Apr 25, 2012 11:54 am

A belated thanks for your reply George !

I never have the problem of learning a whole sonata for the sake of one movement. I always seem to like all parts of a sonata equally. Or perhaps willing myself to do so :)

Amazing that you pick up the wall issue. Indeed the left side of my piano is very close (maybe 6 cm) to the wall.
However the recorder is placed parallel to the wall, facing me directly, so I am not sure how it would pick up a slap back - also the open lid would prevent that. Unless we're talking about the other (right) wall which is only 3m from the left (I have a smallish room as you see).

But, I'll play with the pre-delay as you suggest. Because sometimes the reverb plays tricks with sharp staccato notes (on the very rare occasions I actually manage to play those :D )
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