Beethoven Pastorale Sonata, Op. 28, in D major

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Re: Beethoven Pastorale Sonata, Op. 28, in D major

Postby Didier » Tue Jul 19, 2011 8:13 pm

My processing steps were as follows (I did nor record the settings, so I can give only approximate values):

Noise removal (necessary for further HF lift that makes the noise more audible) ,
bass correction: a few dBs bump around 130 Hz, a few dB dip around 200 Hz,
HF lift : + 5 dB, transition frequency ~5 kHz, Q = 2.
A bit (12% ?) of digital reverberation.

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Re: Beethoven Pastorale Sonata, Op. 28, in D major

Postby musicrecovery » Thu Aug 04, 2011 3:26 am

Hi Joe,

1st movement - very beautiful playing. This is a very romanticized interpretation and you have a unique, individual way of  expressing the music. Your technique is really wonderful and you have a very beautiful tone.

You have obviously put a lot of thought into your use of dynamics and pedaling, although I do not understand why some of the right and left hand notes are not played together on the first beat when you have the left hand with repeated notes. Aside from that, there are many amazing phrases.

2nd movement Again, very beautiful playing, however, I do not understand the occasional delay between the right and left hands. Perhaps some of the dotted notes in the middle section could be a bit crisper. Your playing is so interesting in the lines and conceptual ideas of phrasing. The lines really sing and your tone is very beautiful.

3rd movement Gorgeous conception.

4th movement I prefer to hear the last movement played a bit slower and with a more relaxed pace until the piu allegro. The tempo marking for the movement is Allegro ma non troppo. I think more can be done with the fugue at a slower pace.

Your playing is amazingly clean throughout and your runs are so beautifully even.

Best of luck!

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Re: Beethoven Pastorale Sonata, Op. 28, in D major

Postby jlr43 » Mon Aug 08, 2011 12:56 am

Hi Kaila,

Sorry for the delayed response. Just got back from a west coast vacation :P

You make some good points. I agree about the last movement and have thought the same upon relistening. I too think that the end should go faster than the original tempo given the marking.

Thanks again for listening,


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