21st century Baroque

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21st century Baroque

Postby dileomusic » Mon Jun 13, 2011 7:01 pm

I havent been trained in composing-so Im not sure if Joyous fugue is a fugue--otherwise i need a new name!
the sonata is modeled after scarlattis sonatas

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Re: 21st century Baroque

Postby techneut » Mon Jun 13, 2011 7:24 pm

I'n not sure if the fugue satisfies all the formal requirements but it certainly does a good job trying to be one. I like its joyous and innocent theme - is it your own tune or an existing song ? You might use less pedal overall. I think to write a proper fugue one needs quite some musical education. Check out this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2JFgfc7c70

The sonata is nice too, if not as memorable melodically. It could do with a tauter and more snappy execution.
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Re: 21st century Baroque

Postby dileomusic » Tue Jun 14, 2011 1:11 am

thanks Chris-iwill check that out--so I need to rename
I may have over pedaled or added effects-dont remember--its all digital
I wrote it in 2009 along with other pieces

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Re: 21st century Baroque

Postby RSPIll » Wed Jun 15, 2011 6:24 am

Hi Sandy,

I've listened to your pieces several times but just now have had the opportunity to write.

I have to agree with Chris that it is difficult to call the "Joyous Fugue" a fugue. It does have moments that are remeniscent of the fugue, but it lacks the development that one expects. Also it switches between two and three voices with now formal musical "explaination" for the voice -- it does not announce the subject so it is not the third voice of a fugue. Of course all of that said, the piece is still enjoyable and well thought out.

One could possibly consider it an "invention" which follows fugal ideas but much more freely. "Joyous Invention" would be a good title.

If you are interested in fugue, one of your best "textbooks" are the 48 fugues in "The Well Tempered Clavier". An interesting web site that can give you some incite into them is http://www2.nau.edu/tas3/wtc/ by a professor of music at Northern Arizona University. His analyses go beyond the dry, pendantic "now his cadence was built from an X chord followed by Y and Z with an ornamental gerbil in the melody at the penultimate harmony."

The Scarlatti influence on your sonata is quite apparent and helps you create a fresh and interesting work.

My main criticism is that you should get better recordings of both pieces. You have two lovely works that are not shown at their best. First, there is too much pedal for the character of these pieces. Both have a joyous, dance-like feel that needs the rhythmic vitality. Too much pedal can sap that vitality -- the pedal blur obscures the attacks. Second, partcularly in the sonata, some notes, particularly in the upper voice, do not sound at the same level as those around them. They sound almost like they were dropped, though there is a residue of the intended sound. More precision and evenness of sound quality will also help the rhythmic vitality of the performance. Finally, particularly in the fugue, there were some tempo variations that did not occur at logical points -- it simply sped up or slowed down but did not feel intentional.

I hope that these suggestions give you some ideas for your future projects. I truly enjoyed these two pieces and, with your permission, may incorporate them in my prelude or offertory at church. I think that they would work well as such. I look forward to hearing more of your work.


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Re: 21st century Baroque

Postby dileomusic » Wed Jun 15, 2011 9:40 pm

thanks very much Scott -I understand what you guys are saying-altho my brain is not as sharp as yours-and some things are news to me-(like the tempo)!!I will check out that site thankyou.I have played pieces from the WTC and other Bach as well.I love the counterpoint. I looked at the outline of a fugue and it seems to have muchfreedom-but my poor brain lacks in getting things-so i need to keep things simple.I came across a very simple book of minature preludes and fugues by Alec Rowley and the pieces average 20 measures --1 is outlined-subject-answer-stretti.very simplistic-so I thought mine would fit that title as well
But I am thinking of just calling it joyous occasion-or song of joy.-Do you like?.also If you or someone else wants to record or play these-please feel free.just mention me as the composer on recordings.I could edit them -since they are digital-erase pedal etc.but ho hum!!I will try to watch all that on future recordings.I know Im not as proficient as I should be but I physically lack as well as mentally!.also I dont know howto get a decent recording on my baby grand-recordings are always trebley (i use mics)rings a lot-Ive read the recording posts and was wondering which recordings on this site use zoom or similar.And I need tips on digital recording.I will post some other work in composing section soon-so I look forward to hearing from you again----do you have compositions ?I searched for you in the search engine and couldnt find you
Sandy DiLeo

I checked out that link-wow-intense
thanks again

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