Bach - BWV 653 - An Wasserflüssen Babylon

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Re: Bach - BWV 653 - An Wasserflüssen Babylon

Postby musicusblau » Sun Mar 06, 2011 9:55 pm

Hi Chris,
very nice playing and a nice little organ you have there. I think, your video-taping is very good, despite that the format is "squeezed" a bit at some places. But that doesn´t matter, for this there are very nice changes of camera angle and we can watch your technique perfectly. Bravo! I can´t judge your pedal technique, because I haven´t really learned it (I worked a bit with the organ-exercises by Ernst Kaller in former times). For me it looks quite well.
I thoroughly have enjoyed your performance!

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Re: Bach - BWV 653 - An Wasserflüssen Babylon

Postby techneut » Mon Mar 07, 2011 10:13 am

Thanks Andreas.
I think my pedal technique, despite some years of lessons and a teacher nagging me about it, is basically still wrong. One is supposed to
keep the knees together and play with the insides of the feet, whereas I tens to sit spread-legged and often play with the outsides of the feet. I think I've improved a little but not enough. Anyway there are different schools of thought about it, and it seems to work for me somehow.
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