Grieg - Wedding-day Op. 65 no. 5

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Re: Grieg - Wedding-day Op. 65 no. 5

Postby richard66 » Tue Feb 15, 2011 6:58 pm

felipesarro wrote:thanks, David!

about the other similar piece...
that happens. I've already written at least two pieces which I discovered they were "copies" of others (sometimes, not copies, but they were too similar). of course... the difference with Rogers is that I quit writing or performing them after I discovered they are not original. hehe

Don't tell me! I once wrote a lovely piece and was very happy. That is, until I heard something on the radio that sounded familiar on the radio! :lol: The other day I picked another tune only to find my wife singing it and then I found it on one of my CDs.
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